Educational brochure for the Veterans on Medicaid program. Photography was done in-house using Ohio Medicaid employees as models. This piece is currently being distributed statewide. 
 A handout designed for Ohio Medicaid's 2016 State Fair presence. Contains general high-level information about the department.
 A newsletter for County Departments of Job and Family Services staff across the state of Ohio. I format this newsletter monthly.
 A publication for news involving the HOME Choice program. The biannual newsletter often contains success stories from individuals who have transitioned to independent living. View the most recent issue  here .
 A benefits flyer requested by our recruitment team. This flyer specifically is aimed at college students and/or recent graduates.
 Web banner promoting the  Bold Beginnings  initiative.
  IN PROGRESS  -  Interior pages, maps, and signs coming soon .  I have been charged with designing the program booklet, signage, and general branding for the upcoming HOME Choice conference. The HOME Choice team expressed a desire to step outside of their traditional blue/green branding for this event, so our concept centers around sunrises which are representative of a new future for the program.
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