Ohio’s HOME Choice program transitions eligible Ohioans from institutional settings to home and community-based settings, where they receive services and supports at home and in their communities. The program has become a national leader in moving people back home having transitioned more than 13,000 people.

I had the pleasure of creating materials for the HOME Choice conference. This event was particularly important because at the time, the future of the program was in an uncertain place. The sunrise imagery, a deviation from HOME Choice’s usual branding, was meant to symbolize a new era for the program. The materials and messaging for this event shared past success stories and prepared individuals for changes yet to come.

HOME Choice Program.jpg
  IN PROGRESS  -  Interior pages, maps, and signs coming soon .  I have been charged with designing the program booklet, signage, and general branding for the upcoming HOME Choice conference. The HOME Choice team expressed a desire to step outside of their traditional blue/green branding for this event, so our concept centers around sunrises which are representative of a new future for the program.
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